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How connect 3.3.5a:
World of Warcraft, simple -> download -> run wow.exe -> login -> hawe fun
You can download in torrent from there: WoW 3.3.5a WoD Models (enUS)

I Have World of Warcraft Installed:
1. Create account HERE
2. Go into your World of Warcraft folder (Most likley in "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft")
3. Go into your "enGB"/"enUS" or any other folder that looks similar.
4. Find the file called "realmlist.wtf" Open with Notepad.
5. Delete everything in there, and replace it with: set realmlist logon.hard-core.lv then save.
6. Go Back you your World of Warcraft Folder, Delete the folder "cache" and start WoW.exe

set realmlist logon.hard-core.lv

You may now start playing! If you need any help, do not hesistate to create post in Forum.

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HardCore 1x Blizzlike

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Set realmlist logon.hard-core.lv
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